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Toilet Repairs By Local Plumbing Experts

R&B Plumbing and Heating are available for all toilet repairs. Toilets in an office, commercial setting or in the home can stop working for a variety of reasons, but we can fix them all. Our experienced plumbers can put right a lack of water supply, a broken cistern, blockages, leaking toilets and problems with the flush. We carry a selection of the most commonly used spares so we can usually repair your toilet in a single visit. If it’s a more complicated job, we won’t leave you waiting long but will get back to you quickly to complete the work.

R&B Plumbing And Heating offer a full range of Plumbing and Heating Services in Widnes and surrounding areas. Call us today on 0151 662 0166 for a free quote!

Toilet Flushing Problems? Call The Experts

For a toilet to flush successfully, the cistern fills automatically with the correct amount of water. Once the cistern is full, the water supply should shut off. When the flush is pulled, water carries all the waster away in one go but if this regularly fails to happen, the toilet needs a repair before the soil pipes become blocked. We can usually carry out repairs on faulty cisterns with minimum fuss and mess.


Another frequent problem with toilets is that the flush keeps running and fails to shut off properly. The overflow pipe should carry the overfilling water away releasing excess water outside. If you notice water continuously dripping or running from the overflow, we can easily stop that with a cistern repair. Don’t be tempted to leave this – you are wasting water which will be reflected in higher bills and you could cause damage to exterior brickwork or the ground around your property.


If you see water leaking from your toilet, call us to give you a quote for the repair. Leaking toilets can cause damage to the floors and joists underneath the pan so get it checked out before you require extensive building repairs.

Blocked Toilets Cleared

Blocked toilets are unpleasant to deal with. Call us to unblock the pipes for you professionally. We have plenty of experience repairing blocked toilets and we have the equipment to get the job done quickly. Once the pipes are cleared, we can have a look at the plumbing to see why it happened and to see if it's likely to happen again.

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