Power Flushing/Magnacleanse

Power Flushing and Magna Cleanse Services

A gradual build-up of dust, debris, and sludge occurs in radiators and pipes as a heating system ages. This build-up stops the hot water flowing freely through the system and can contribute to boiler breakdowns. A power flush or Magna cleanse removes the internal sludge leaving a heating system that works efficiently again.


At R&B Plumbing and Heating we perform power flushes to solve problematic heating issues. We also carry out the process when a new boiler is fitted to an existing central heating system. An internal cleanse of a heating system can be extremely beneficial. It’s a process that is straightforward when carried out by experienced professionals and leaves no mess and causes little disruption.

What to Expect From a Power Flush

Power flushes clear out oxidation and sludge from the inside of a central heating system. The process uses specialist cleansing solutions and machinery that pumps the solution gently through the radiators and pipes. Chemicals that will not damage the heating, the correct amount of pressure and knowledge of the process are all essential to a successful power flush. It takes just a couple of hours to complete the process.

A Magna Cleanse is another method of cleaning radiators internally. During the Magna Cleanse process, a magnetised agitator is inserted into each radiator for a short time to attract rust particles. A magnetised filter is also used to attract any rust travelling around the system.

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Signs That Your Heating Needs a Power Flush

If you are experiencing the following issues, a power flush or Magna Cleanse could help correct the faults:

  • Cold areas on radiators

  • Rooms take longer to warm up

  • Excessive noise from the boiler

These are all signs that could mean your systems is crying out for a power flush. It’s also recommended when you have a new boiler installed. To prevent old rust circulating in a brand new boiler, your existing radiators and pipes are internally cleaned as part of the installation.

After a power flush, the inside of your central heating will be clear of sludge enabling the heated water to flow more freely. Each radiator will heat evenly and quickly warming the room more rapidly. With the system working more efficiently, you should see a reduction in your energy bills. This is because the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to heat the building. The boiler should also last longer.

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