Burst Pipe Repair

Burst Pipes Repaired

Finding a burst pipe in your home is stressful. It's an emergency and it's not always obvious what you're supposed to do. With water leaking inside your property, you want someone to come out and stop the leak as quickly as possible. Our team are available to attend immediately to put a stop to the pouring water. Whether you have burst pipes in the loft, bathroom or downstairs, we can be there in an instant to help with your emergency.


Burst pipes are more common in the winter months when the temperature drops suddenly and pipes become frozen. Water expands when it freezes causing splits and gaps in pipes or joints. But leaks can occur at any time of year to anyone. They never happen at a convenient time and we understand that these emergencies are worrying. We make sure that the leak is under control quickly to stop further damage, then we discuss the next steps with you before we go ahead.

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Don’t be Tempted to Fix Burst Pipes Yourself

To avoid a call-out charge, you might be tempted to carry out the repairs to a burst pipe yourself. This could easily become a false economy because to repair the leak properly you will need professional tools and materials to do a secure job. If you do a temporary repair that begins to leak again, you could cause more damage to the building and that could be expensive to put right. Save yourself the unnecessary costs, time and stress and get a professional to repair your burst pipe properly.


If you have a burst pipe, you can isolate the water supply if you know where the stop cock is. Shutting the stopcock will cut off the mains water entering the property and reduce the water lost. A stopcock can be installed in varies different places, commonly located underneath the kitchen sink or by the front door but it could be in other places. We can locate it for you if you don’t know where it is, or install a new one if it’s broken. It’s a good idea to know where your stop cock is and that it is working properly before an emergency arises. Check that it is accessible and not seized, or call us to make sure everything is for you.

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